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Allergy Advice

Allergy Advice Allergies can be irritating and get in the way of life, but they are manageable. Do you suffer from allergies and need advice on how to manage them? Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your allergy management.
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Suffering with Allergies?

Allergies are extremely common, and according to the HSE, they affect more than 1 in 4 people in Europe. This means there is a good chance you will suffer from allergies at some point in your life. An allergy happens in your body when it has an adverse reaction to a substance and can cause reactions such as hives, itching, sneezing, and flu-like symptoms.

Allergies can be unpredictable as some childhood allergies can disappear while others are lifelong. It is also possible for adults to develop allergies, even if they were not allergic before. 

Allergies tend to be mild and non-life-threatening, although they can be annoying. If you suffer from mild allergies, there are many over the counter options. There is also the option of an EpiPen prescription for a more severe reaction.

Allergy Advice

It is advisable to speak to your GP if you are concerned about your allergies. If it is a long term, mild allergy you are dealing with, such as hay fever, then there are over the counter options that will help you manage your symptoms. 

If you have a severe allergy that requires an EpiPen, make sure you lookout for the symptoms of a bad reaction. These symptoms include swelling hands, feet, eyes, stomach pain, tightening airways, and itchy skin. A severe allergic reaction is classed as a medical emergency and needs to be treated as such.

If you think you are developing an allergy, try and identify what is causing the reaction. Have you eaten any new food? Or maybe you have tried a new foundation, and your face became itchy and red? If there is no identifiable trigger, doing an allergy test with your doctor may be the best way to identify your allergy. If you know what is causing your allergy and are looking for products to help you manage your symptoms, shop our wide range of allergy treatments today.

Allergy Approved Products

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