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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Test
& Monitoring Service

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What is a blood pressure test?

A blood pressure test is the easiest way to check if your blood pressure is too high, too low, or within the normal range. Blood Pressure is the term used to describe the force of circulating blood on the walls of the arteries and is produced primarily by the contraction of the heart muscle.

Because most people have no obvious symptoms, a blood pressure test is the only way to determine whether your blood pressure is too high or too low. It is recommended that all adults over the age of 40 have their blood pressure checked at least once every five years to aid in the early detection of any potential problems. However, you can request a blood pressure test at any point if you’re worried about your blood pressure.

How does blood pressure monitoring work?

A small machine will measure your blood pressure at regular intervals. Monitoring will give you and your healthcare providers a clearer picture of how your blood pressure changes throughout the day.


Health Questions

To start, a specially trained healthcare advisor will ask you some routine health questions in one of our private consultation rooms. This gives us a little background to your medical history, including any allergies, as well as your lifestyle factors.


24 Hour Blood
Pressure Monitoring

The pharmacist will fit you with a small, lightweight monitor to wear for 24 hours, including while you sleep. This will take a reading of your blood pressure at various points during the day, and you’ll fill out a diary with what you were doing at that time.


See your Blood Pressure

Your pharmacist will explain the results, offer lifestyle advice to help lower your blood pressure or maintain it at a healthy level, or refer you to your doctor as necessary.

Why monitoring your blood pressure is important?

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, can put a strain on your arteries and organs and cause silent damage to the blood vessels and the heart. If left untreated, this damage can worsen over time and increase your risk of developing serious problems such as heart disease, stroke or heart attack.

Low blood pressure, also called hypotension, isn’t usually as serious, but it can still cause dizziness, weakness, and fainting and put you at risk of injury from falls.

Some people with a high blood pressure reading at the doctor or pharmacy have a normal reading at home, so monitoring your blood pressure for 24 hours can provide the most accurate reporting and recommendations.

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Available at the following pharmacies

Our Blood Pressure Monitoring Service is currently available at the following pharmacies.

Lavelle’s Life Pharmacy Belmullet

Main St, Belmullet, Co Mayo

Lavelles Pharmacy Galway

Lavelle's Pharmacy, 23 Dock Rd, Queensgate, Galway, H91 CR33
(091) 454 988

Lavelles Pharmacy Bangor

Church Lane, Bangor Erris, Co Mayo

Lavelles Pharmacy Killala

Church Rd, Killala, Co Mayo
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